The puddle is me! Apologies, I didn't expect you to catch me in such an unusual foooorm.

Form? Well, I am a shapeshifter, I can change forms! I like being all sorts of things, I can never decide on one though.

You may call me Rol. I am an artist and computer-geek who loves to tinker and experiment. I like drawing stuff about my interests, mostly sci-fi and furry-adjacent things.

View my shapeshifter form log!

Me as an alien, mook specifically, enjoying my tentacles and eyestalks

I've always had an affinity for space stations and aliens, but you'd be surprised to discover I haven't watched all that much sci-fi stuff, excluding Futurama, which I have been a lifelong faaan offf. I am trying to get into more things thooouggghhh, I've been watching Star Trek: The Original Series lately, and I've been adoring it, it's very very fun.

Additionally, I've had an interest in transformation for a lot of my life. Dunno what caused it! I know Ben 10 and a lot of other things had caught my interest as a weee laaaaddddd. But it stuck with me! And I adore the concept. I draw stuff involving it a lootttt. It's nice!

And music, I love a looottttttt. I've been listening to The Beatles a ton lately, the white album is a personal favorite of mine. Some other artists I like are black midi, The GO! Team, and Crumb.

Early 90s electronic rave music is very very very lovely as well.

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